Boards - Common name for poster panels or billboard bulletins

Charting the Showing - The process of selecting individual billboard unit locations to maximize out-of-home advertising objectives

Co-op - The sharing of advertising costs between various entities such as manufacturers, distributors, dealers, vendors, or suppliers

Copy - Artwork displayed on a billboard

Cost per Thousand - Cost of reaching one thousand potential viewers

Cost per Point - Cost of exposure opportunities that equal one gross rating point in a market or one percent of the population

Daily Effective Circulation (DEC) - Audience of potential viewers who have the opportunity to see an out-of-home advertising message during a 24 hour period. DEC's are typically measured and adjusted for an 18 hour day and for an 18 year old+ buying population

Exposure - A potential seeing of an advertising message

Face - The surface area on a billboard where the advertising message is displayed. A unit may have more than one face as most billboards have two faces, one in each direction of the highway

Flex Face Vinyl - One piece vinyl used on a billboard face displaying the advertising message

Frequency - The number of times an average individual has the opportunity to be exposed to an advertising message during a defined period of time

Gross Rating Points (GRP) - Total number of impressions delivered by a media schedule expressed as a percentage of a market population. Sometimes referred to as a showing

Impact - Effectiveness of advertising generated by an Outdoor campaign

Posting Period - The period of time an advertising message is displayed, typically 30 days

Thirty(30)-Sheet Poster - An advertisement with copy area measuring 12'3" by 24'6" in overall size

Thirty(30)-Sheet Poster (No Bleed) - An advertisement with copy area measuring 9'7" by 21'7" in overall size

Traffic Count - The number of vehicles that pass a billboard unit each day

Top 10 Outdoor Advertising Categories

(based on 2014 year-end out-of-home advertising expenditures, Outdoor Advertising Association of America, Inc.)

  1. Misc. Services & Amusement
  2. Retail
  3. Media & Advertising
  4. Restaurants
  5. Public Transportation, Hotels & Resorts
  6. Insurance & Real Estate
  7. Financial
  8. Government, Politics & Organizations
  9. Communications
  10. Schools, Camps, Seminars

 Billboard Advertising Terms

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